Boxing Fitness Gold Coast

Our Exclusive MMA & Private Boxing Gym Gold Coast MMA training club

Use our fully fitted and equipped personal training gym (robina) & private boxing gym (gold coast) where you will get access to everything you need & more with no waiting around for equipment use !  

private Boxing ring mma gym robina gold coast

Private Boxing Club Gold Coast

When you use our private Boxing club (Gold Coast) , you will get access to everything you need to reach your goals in private !

With Box for Fitness from 6am-10.00pm  you will have access to a purpose built boxing gym and fitness facility which is second to none on the Gold Coast. Equipped with the latest, Professional Strength Equipment from the USA ,free weights & machines, Bikes and more and also the best in Boxing Facilities! . . . all with no waiting around or queues for equipment use !  . . . everything you could possibly need to reach your goals!

Boxing & mma strength training gym robina

We have Boxing,MMA & kickboxing equipment available for all clients including a custom made elevated "REAL" boxing ring. . . (NOT JUST A floor training ring)

Boxing ring gym gold coast

There is plenty of room with a full selection of USA and european equipment including standard and specialised boxing and mma equipment & more..!. . . and also private parking !

Fully equipped personal boxing  gym Gold coast robina

Our boxing gym / fitness gym also has a state of the art strength & conditioning area with Specialised and General fitness / cardio equipment including spin bike training. Also strength & conditioning equipment  including cables , free weights , traditional barbells and dumbbells. Old school kettle bell training is also available.

functional mma strength training robina
personal training gym Robina

Due to the vast range of equipment we have we are able to offer various services including body building , or general strength & conditioning and specialist functional strength training and more . .. 

There is also a mated floor area for stretching,calisthenics,MMA & other types of ground work. Also a solid floor area for other types of floor work including footwork drills and shadow boxing etc.

You will get access to everything you need to reach your goals with no waiting around  for equipment use !  

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