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Box for Fitness highly recommends that you have a fully personalised nutrition plan that actually works in conjuction with your fully personalised training program.

You can choose from :

  • Boxing nutrition plans (gold coast service)
  • MMA nutrition plans (gold coast service)
  • Bodybuilding nutrition plans (gold coast service)
  • Free food plans (gold coast service)
  • General fitness nutrition plans gold coast

Our programs &  nutrition plans are regurely updated for FREE and can make all the difference to you reaching your goals. This type of service is very rare to find anywhere else for the general public.

Box for Fitness understand that lives are busy and there is little time for food preparation and ensuring that we supply ourselves with the balance of proper nutrients. I will work closely with you in creating a healthy nutritional program to  complement your fitness regime &/or lifestyle.

choices  for your training 

Regular  Nutrition Service :                                                                                 

 Optional “general nutrition plans” are available for your "regular" training service option.Includes a general food plan,supplementation plan & a hydration plan.(Does not work in conjunction with exercise components & is not updated).                                                                                                      Available for people who only require “general health & fitness” results,or can not fully commit to a full training program.   

Specialized  Nutrition Service : Highly Recommended and Guaranteed results !

Mandatory nutrition plan to accompany program.Nutrition plan is heavily Discounted & updated regularly FREE of charge ! (includes a personalized food plan,supplementation plan & a hydration plan & is designed to work in conjunction with your program phases,exercise components & goals). Available for those on 1 on 1 Personal Training & 2 on 1 Personal Training who can fully commit to a full training program.

Are you ready to take control? Your body is your most valuable asset so taking control of your health is fundamental to securing long-term success . . . .
but physical training alone will not take control of your body's health

Special Sevices :

  •  Online  Nutrition

Our online design services are great for all types of people who wish to have a healthy lifestyle but who do not require a personal trainer.

You may use my services to update or change an existing program or diet inline with current guidelines and research

  • Supermarket services

Why not Book a personalised Supermarket eduational trip where i will accompany you for an educational  shopping trip for healthier choices of food. This also Includes an Information handout on “making sense of those food labels”

  • NUTRITION FOR EVERYONE”  Presentation                                                                                                                    (requires min of 2 people) - Receive a  FREE  Helpful tips "handout” 

contact us to book your space for the nutrition presentation


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