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 SPEED BALL - a workout with a difference !

Speedball training gold coast

Try our private Speedball Training (Gold Cost) which is suitable for  individuals  seeking some variety in their exercise routine, Our Speedball Training delivers! 

Speedball Training Introduction

Use our private speedball training (gold coast service) to supplement an established training program, as an excellent off season general conditioner or as part of our more comprehensive boxing & fitness programs.

The speed bag has been around for a long time. In the hands of a skilled practitioner the speed bag can be an amazing display of controlled power & speed. Speedball training is recognised as one of the most beneficial fitness training methods available. This very simple but powerful piece of equipment has many unique benefits & is suitable for everyone including our wheel chair boxing (gold coast service), boxing for the elderly (gold coast service) & our disabled boxing training (gold coast service).

You can mix fists and elbows together in a non-stop attack from all directions. The awesome sound and fury of the rhythm can be hypnotic, and that is what keeps people coming back. 

We offer numerous classes every week and cater for every level of fitness and all ages, whether you are trying to loose weight, get fit or train to be like a professional.   

Who can participate ? Classes are available to anyone any age (min 12 yrs old) max 65 

How much does it cost ? Group rates (min 3 participants), Private  (One on One) or  (Two on One) . Cost  Includes all equipment ! Hand Wraps to be purchased from me for $15 or from a good sports store)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        When ? Day or night,9.00 am- 7.00 pm

Where ? Robina

Benefits of Speed Bag training

Boxing speedball trainingrobina

Speedball training combines general and specific conditioning, muscle toning and fat loss, with practical skills . It’s a low impact, time efficient system that can be adapted to suit the user.  Speedball sharpens reflexes, improves body rhythm, relieves stress, builds greater general fitness and total body balance, whilst assisting whole body co-ordination,  bilateral development and hand-eye co-ordination. 

Why should you use a speed bag?

If you play any sport that requires you to put your hands rapidly at a point in space to hit, catch, or block a moving object, (such as a moving ball, fist or foot...), you can benefit from regular speed bag training. These actions often require quick and accurate reactions with split second timing. The speed bag will fine tune your reaction time, which translates to all sports. It will also help you learn to keep your hands up in the "ready" position. Affected sports include the "big 4" of basketball, football (American), baseball and volleyball, as well as: Handball, Softball, Lacrosse, and all racket sports (tennis, racquetball, ping-pong). Simply put, If you "get in the game"- speed bag training can help you play better.

womens Speedball training
  • Eye-Hand & Foot coordination. 
  • Rhythm and Timing. 
  • Hand Speed and Punching Power. 
  • Fitness Benefits.  build strength and endurance. This in turn helps to shape, tone and define the muscles involved. 
  • Helps to increase aerobic capacity. 
  • Rhythmic Expression.Develop all kinds of different rhythms, allowing for a great deal of self-expression. 
  • Low injury potential. 
  • Box for Fitness Programmes are inexpensive and adapt easily to other fitness activities. 
  • Adaptable. Speed bag Programmes adapts to people of all sizes, shapes, gender and levels of ability or disability. Anyone can use it. 


can use a lightweight speedball to help develop coordination, reflexes and strength without overtaxing body, whilst simultaneously improving their concentration span.

It will also help keep them healthy and improve their:

  • ability to learn and concentrate.
  • self confidence.
  • hand and eye coordination.
  • concentration and alertness. 

Joining a “Box for Fitness speedball session” your child will have fun doing their daily workout and it could start a lifetime of good health habits.

Fitness for Adults

Physical activity need not be strenuous to achieve health benefits.Men and women of all ages benefit from a moderate amount of daily physical activity.

Speedball training
  • Speedball training for Women are attracted to the positive effect Speedball has on cardio-respiratory fitness and bodyfat utilization. Many report encouraging body definition benefits, particularly in the regions of the upper arm, stomach and bust line.
  • Speedball training For the elderly , Speedball provides an excellent method of increasing heart rate without putting undue stress on the body.
  • Speedball training for Athletes can also benefit by  speedball training because it promotes strength, recovery, stamina, coordination, bilateral body development and discipline. Speedball  provides
  • Speedball training for the Disabled TRY OUR With the opportunity for a completely different program on frames designed for wheelchair access.
  • Speedball training for Wheel Chairs.You do not have to stand up to hit a speed bag. It works perfectly well sitting down. For example people in wheelchairs,Using a speed bag while sitting down can help develop trunk strength and body balance. It also requires little strength, and just the weight of your hand can push the bag. In fact, a helper can keep the elbows elevated if the user cannot raise the elbow up due to shoulder injury or loss of nerve function. As long as there is some tricep function, the bag can be used to offer resistance for pushing, and if there is any bicep function the reverse punches could be used.
  • Other rehabilitation uses:

Wheel Chair boxing gold coast,

Speed Bag punching may be useful in a variety of physical and emotional disorders.Our Wheel Chair boxing gold coast service is one example we provide.

  • It may be especially useful in various movement disorders such as Parkinson disease, cerebral palsy or other conditions that respond to some external visual or auditory stimuli to help guide and smooth out tremulous or spastic movement. 
  • The forceful act of punching is a great source of stress relief, and many programs for people with psychiatric illness or emotional disturbance may find it to be beneficial.  
  • The visually impaired or blinded may find their balance and sense of space improve as a result of the punching motions. To overcome the fear of being hit by the bag, a blind person might want to use an older model football helmet with a single bar across to protect the face.

Why use the speed bag in Rehabilitation?

  • Because it is simple, cheap and effective as a rehabilitation activity.
  • It is a relatively safe activity with low injury potential.
  •  It is easy to use.
  • It is very adaptable
  • It is unique and fun to use. Most rehab exercises are boring or get old quickly. The sound of the bag, and the ability to create with it, may hold a persons interest a little longer.                                        

Improve So Much More Than Muscle!

This type of fitness has been used by pros for decades. The “Speed Ball Training” will improve eye hand coordination, your self defence ability and improve your overall fitness levels & more!.

Invest in Your Fitness NOW !

contact us to book your place for a speedball training program 


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