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  • We offer a unique,very effective "one of a kind” mma training system that will NOT be found ANYWHERE ! Guaranteed...
  • Please note we DO NOT offer the regular "UFC" competition style of MMA training you get everywhere else. If this is what you want then Please DO NOT contact us.
  • Fully customised Private TRUE 1 on 1 or 2 on 1  Programs designed to your needs & goals

Private MMA Training Gold Coast Robina

MMA style systems are becoming increasingly popular due to more and more exposure in Hollywood films like the “Bourne Identity” and “the Hunted”. 

Why bother training the same "UFC style" mixed martial arts as everyone else ? it does not make sense !    The whole point is to gain an edge in your training and against all your opponents.You can gain the edge in training,competition AND in a REAL "street" defence sutiuation with our very unique mma training system. 

“UFS"  stands for  :





The “UFS SELF DEFENCE & FIGHTING SYSTEM” is a unique ,modern combat system that finds its roots in the training methods of TEN different Martial Arts ! You will NOT find this exact system anywhere else !

Are you a MMA fighter who needs to update an existing program/skills or do you just wish to try our very effective and unique mma kind of training. Let us  take you through a personalised techniques,strength & conditioning program & give you the skills & fitness levels you need to be the best you can be....or maybe even the next champion!

Unlike many other martial art systems that take years to learn & master ,ALL OUR MARTIAL ART PROGRAMS, CAN BE UTILIZED USING OUR “FAST TRACK SYSTEM”

“This mma training system won't  be found anywhere else. . . guaranteed 

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Train individually or "MIX & MATCH” any program or short course.A fully customized personal fitness program & nutrition plan can also accompany any martial art and boxing program or short course to help you reach your fitness goals. 

MMA Fitness Training (Gold Coast Robina Service)     

If health & fitness is your main goal ,then try our Unique MMA workout (robina gold coast service)  

My aim is to teach you STAND-UP fighting skills with some ground skills where appropriate. This is what really happens in a street confrontation and is a fun area to train. From Boxing and kicking, to locking, throwing and tripping. If you’re interested in ’stand up combat’ or for personal self defense purposes then come and join

Start training with us and discover our beautiful ,very unique and devastating mixed martial arts .  With this unique way of training, your whole body will turn into a weapon and you will become proficient in all ranges of combat.

Read more about our Martial Art Styles and Explanations

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Taking on Martial Arts , should be above anything else, about learning how to protect yourself and your loved ones; so if that’s one of the main reason you are here please don’t hesitate to contact us for all your boxing,mma and Fighting Fitness Training

Try it . . . you won't be disappointed 


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