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Box for fitness offer a TRUE 1 on 1 OR 2 on 1 self defence & mixed martial arts gold coast training service. Our training system includes skills from FMA, western boxing, international style kickboxing, muay thai, panantukan, knife & stick defence & also a complete unique "street orientated" fighting & self defence system.

If fitness is your main goal, then our unique MMA Fitness (gold coast robina service) is for you.


What once began as no-rules cage fighting, has evolved into the fastest growing sport in the world.Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques, from a mixture of martial arts traditions and non- traditions, to be used in competitions. 

The rules allow the use of striking and grappling techniques, both while standing and on the ground. Such competitions allow martial artist of different backgrounds to compete. The term may also be used however less correctly to describe hybrid martial arts styles. Modern mixed martial arts competition emerged in American popular culture in 1993 with the founding of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Initially based on finding the most effective martial arts for real unarmed combat situations, competitors of various arts were pitted against one another with minimal rules or concern for safety. In the following decade, MMA promoters adopted many additional rules aimed at increasing safety for competitors and to promote mainstream acceptance of the sport.   

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Unique mixed martial arts gold coast

When comparing services and costs , please be aware that we believe that to give you a better service and the attention you deserve. . .. . .we will provide a fully fitted private training facility that offers

  • TRUE Private Tuition 
  • TRUE Private Personal Training
  • TRUE Private coaching services

You also get EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE use of our training facility ! ,and NOT so called "private"one on one or "private personal" training that is in fact in a "public" facility with numerous other people around  . . . dont be fooled by these statements.

Box for Fitness services are  truly personal AND truly private AND truly exclusive,so therefore our costs are also truly unbeatable for this type of training service find out for yourself.

We are so confident ,that we have a price promise (see below or in sidebar)

This will not be found anywhere else !

  • All bookings are by appointment only.  Client testimonials are available upon request
  • Based in Robina ,Hours are from 6am to 10pm & all programs & sessions run on days & times to suit you (subject to availability).
  • There are no gym memberships to pay!
  • You just pay for your session or program on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly scheme to suit your budget.
  • All prices are different & dependent on what you want.
  • Because we offer private training services all Private "group" bookings (3 people minimum) must be arranged by you.(We do not take "walk-ins" to form a "public" group which is what most other gyms cater for).
  • Our system of training is very popular & also means you will receive better attention,better value & learn in a timeframe that is a lot faster than what would normally be required.
  • All your nutritional needs can be catered for also
  • To avoid disappointment please get in early ! 
  • We DO NOT offer typical general group training. Group boxing training is only available for our unique padwork courses and workshops.

Please contact box for fitness for Current Special Offers & prices

MMA Training gold coast robina

Below are just a couple of the most popular mma options we offer. 

  • Private Personalised 1 on 1 or two on one MMA Programs: Private  Due to the popularity of these programs,I have very limited spaces available . The programs generally include all technical aspects & theory including basic & advanced techniques,conditioning, cardio and weight training. The skills are progressive and the programs are individually tailored to your specific goals.You will train like a real fighter but sparring is optional.
  • Private MMA Fitness- Private Personalised 1 on 1 or two on one : This service is usually included in ALL Programs - Our mixed martial arts circuits can combine muay thai,kick boxing,western boxing and more, and is for all skill levels.

These sessions incorporate basic techniques with an emphasis on fitness. You don't need to be a fighter to participate in this option but be ready for an intense workout ! Sessions consists of cardio & strength exercises, drills & also basic MMA techniques.

They are an exceptionally enjoyable way to burn large amounts of calories and improve your cardiovascular fitness. With me you will share some empowering workouts, outside,in a boxing ring or my gym

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If you would like a personal 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 Program with or without a personalised nutrition plan to suit your goals & needs  , then please phone me with any questions that you may have, anytime.0404883700

PLEAE NOTE: To avoid disappointment please get in early !   

If you would like a nutritional program that would suit your MMA Program,contact me for a consultation and I will be in touch with you,(all nutritional & fitness assessments are FREE!)      


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