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Learn the Art of “ The Sweet Science”        

Learn to box (Gold Coast)

Box for Fitness specialises in private boxing training (gold coast robina) & Boxing Fitness (gold coast training).One of the most popular training services we offer is our personalised “Real Boxing" Programs which are designed to take a beginner OR the experienced through certain stages of "real" boxing training.Our beginners boxing classes (gold coast robina) will lead you to mastering new skills as well as test your current skills & improve all over fitness & more. You will learn basic fundamentals and then once you have the basic foundation, we will find a style that suits you, and also teach you how to fight against all other styles that you may face. 

The Right Way To Train For Boxing & Fitness

Following our fully comprehensive training curriculum & syllabus, you will learn to box (gold coast) progressively & advance through all the necassary "Phases" of  boxing training based on your goals ,fitness & skill level.

Guaranteed results can easily be achieved by following our Personalised training programs in combination with our Personalised   Nutrition  ServicesGuaranteed results and Highly Recommended !                                        

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Do the beginners boxing classes (gold coast robina programs ) have a grading system?

All our boxing programs & Boxing Fitness (gold coast) incorporate a fully structured, comprehensive curriculum, utilising a progressive system of training.Also included are personalised strength & conditioning programs incorporating custom nutrition plans.

We believe that our professional ,

  • fully comprehensive, 
  • fully personalised , 
  • truly exclusive and 
  • private boxing training programs & service . . . 

is the first and only type of its kind in australia 

  • We are so confident ,that we have a price promise (see our price promise details)

The most important thing is finding that balance between knowledge and skills. As we are westerners we tend to learn better by following a structure and learning in chunks.With that in mind and unlike most other boxing gyms etc, we have developed a unique system for students which provides all necassary practical & theory phases. Students must demonstrate competence in each “chunk” or "Phase" of training in a progressive manner,...not by an irrelevant "grading" system.

Everyone must learn the basic fundamentals….then we try to find a personal style that suits you, and also teach you how to fight / box all styles that you may face. - Paul. Head Coach

Some Benefits of a our fully comprehensive boxing curriculum are :

  • Unlike many others, all of our Boxing Students are taught in an exclusive manner on a TRUE private one on one or two on one training basis with exclusive use of a fully fitted private facility and also according to their skill level.This ensures a very high level of instruction and coaching in a very safe & controlled training envioromnt
  • Our boxing curriculum also ensures students are taught in a goal oriented way of learning, and is very measurable by allowing students to show evidence of technical skills matched with appropriate fitness levels. 
  • Our training system and curriculum increases student confidence and sense of accomplishment through our progressive "phase" system of training.
  • Our boxing curriculum ensures all students demonstrate proficiency in improved mental attitude, technique ,cardiovascular fitness,strength, speed, power, balance, co-ordination, self defence and discipline ! 
  • With our training curriculum ,students ,... if desired ,can confidently take their new skills to the next level byjoining our boxing club or compete.  

OUR VERY,VERY POPULAR  Boxing Programs      have contact and non contact  options available  for men, women and youths

Technical boxing :

Our fully comprehensive boxing programs  incoroprate a personalised Boxing Skills & Knowledge Development  component which incorporates into the main program.  

Our  boxing curriculum also incoroprates a personalised Boxing Sparring Development program.


boxing program training options : 

Our boxing  programs generally include all technical boxing aspects & theory including basic & advanced boxing techniques and concepts, cardio and weight training.We also use modern and old School Strength & Conditioning tecnniques based on your personal goals and needs.

Due to the popularity of the boxing programs,there are very limited spaces available .

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The skills are progressive and the programs are individually tailored to your specific goals & interests.You can train like a real boxer but sparring is optional ,(mandatory if you are training to box at competition level).

The boxing programs are designed to cater for those individuals who require a greater level of a coaches or trainer's time and responsibilities. They are also for people looking for an exciting fitness program! & learn real boxing techniques & skills.

Here are our popular boxing and kickboxing training options:

  • Beginners Program -  General or Specialised service option (see below)         Learn real boxing techniques and skills including cardio & weight training with qualified Level 1 Boxing Coach & Fully Qualified Personal trainer Cert. IV .These Programs focus on learning correct boxing technique to teach you the correct and safe way to box. A great intro to the art of boxing and excellent for improving fitness and strength.
  • Intermediate Program - General or Specialised service option (see below)     Learn real boxing techniques and skills including cardio & weight training with qualified Level 1 Boxing Coach & Fully Qualified Personal trainer Cert. IV .These sessions are for those with established boxing skills who wish to gain more advanced techniques & experience. Sparring and partner work play a large roll, as well as strength & conditioning training.
  • Advanced Program - General or Specialised service option (see below)       Learn advanced boxing techniques and skills including cardio & weight training with qualified Level 1 Boxing Coach & Fully Qualified Personal  trainer Cert. IV.These sessions are for those with established boxing skills who wish to gain more advanced techniques & experience or enter Boxing Tournaments. Amateur fighters welcome.Sparring and partner work play a large roll, as well as strength & conditioning training. 

Here are our popular boxing and kickboxing service options:

boxing program service options :  Private 1:1 or 2:1 (General or Specialised service options are offered )

  • General service option :  Exclusive & Private Coaching ,Personal Training & Tuition services .You receive GENERAL guidelines on nutrition and how to best transform your body & mind! .Also for people who only require “general health & fitness” results,or can not fully commit to a full program but wish to learn the art of boxing. - 60-90 minutes per session. Optional - general nutrition plans are available. Includes a general food plan,supplementation plan & a hydration plan.(General plans can not be specifically designed to work in conjunction with exercise components & is not updated).
  • Specialised service option : ( Highly  Recommended ) :                                                                                                                                                                                           ( Must commit at  least 2x a week )                                                                                                                   Exclusive & Private Coaching ,Personal Training & Tuition services. Gaurenteed  & highly recommended for people who require SPECIFIC health/fitness results and wish to learn the complete art of boxing.This option includes a specialised ,fully written professional program and is designed to reach your exact goals and also include  a personalised boxing program,nutrition & supplementation plan and also a Personal strength & conditioning program.- 60-90 minutes per session.Mandatory - nutrition plans to accompany program.Nutrition plan is heavily Discounted & updated regularly FREE of charge ! (includes a personalized food plan,supplementation plan & a hydration plan & is designed to work in conjunction with program phases,exercise components & goals).

boxing programs are run by a highly qualified Level 1 Boxing Coach and ex-boxer with over 17 yrs experience in and out of the ring.  He will coach you in all aspects of "real "boxing  including partner work,shadow boxing , sparring and ring fitness & skills.

some of the techniques taught will include offence and defence skills, footwork, bag work and also  a fully personalised strength and conditioning  program is included.

learn to box gold coast

Note: Dress is usually standard gym wear.It is highly recommended you invest in your own pair of hand wraps which I can sell you ,or most fitness equipment stores will carry hand wraps. I do not provide or offer every item due to hygiene reasons, but these are also items many people wish to purchase and own themselves anyway.

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