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 Boxing History

The Boxing rules of modern boxing were first laid down in England in 1867 in the form of the Marques of Queensbury rules

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Brief Boxing  History

If you wish to learn to box (gold coast) then the following may be of interest to you & help you learn about the actual history of boxing.

There is evidence that forms of boxing have taken place for many thousands of years; earliest evidence from Africa dates back to about 4000 BC and there is evidence of boxing in Greece from as early as 1500 BC. In 688 BC a form of boxing was first accepted as an Olympic sport by the ancient Greeks and was included in the ancient games. Forms of boxing were also documented during Roman times until it was banned in 500 AD.Recorded instances of boxing did not appear again until 1681 when reports of bare-knuckle fighting first appeared in England. The first attempt to regulate the sport was made in 1743 when the London Prize Ring Rules were introduced in an attempt to reduce the number of deaths occurring in the sport.

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Therules of modern boxing were first laid down in 1867 in the form of the Marques of Queensbury rules. Amongst the rules was the introduction of three minute rounds with one minute intervals between them. A ten second count to indicate a knockout was also introduced as was the introduction of standard gloves.Weight divisions: Three Boxing weight limits of heavyweight, middleweight and lightweight were first initiated.

Further Boxing information:

Boxing Authorities 


In England amateur boxing is governed by The Amateur Boxing Association and is made up of nine regional associations. Scotland, Ireland and Wales each have their own associations. In addition to overseeing the running of the local associations and their member clubs the ABA organises national competitions and teams to represent England in international competitions.


The British Boxing Board of Control governs professional boxing throughout the whole of the UK. In addition to sanctioning title fights (British, English and Celtic) it is responsible for licensing all who are involved in boxing e.g. boxers, trainers, seconds, managers and promoters. In addition it sets down strict rules regarding the medical condition of all boxers and ensures that medical checks are regularly carried out and that both doctors and paramedics are present at all professional bouts. Winners of British Titles are awarded the coveted 'Lonsdale Belt'.

The BBB 0f C is divided into eight area councils which manage the sport locally and also take responsibility for area titles. Impact Boxing comes under the control of the Midlands Area Council.

British professional boxers are also eligible to contest Commonwealth and European titles in addition to world titles.

World Sanctioning Bodies

Today many bodies sanction world title fights and publish world rankings and this has served to confuse the world scene and has given rise to significant criticism since there can now be numerous world champions within each weight division.

World Boxing Association (WBA) - (wiki)


The longest established of all the sanctioning bodies is the WBA (World Boxing Association) which took its name in 1962 but can trace its origins back to 1921.

World Boxing Council (WBC) - (wiki)


In 1963 the  WBC (World Boxing Council) was formed by 12 countries including the UK, USA and France and today it is affiliated with nine regional governing bodies such as: the European Boxing Union (EBU), the North American Boxing Federation (NABF) and the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF).

International Boxing Federation (IBF)- (wiki)


The International Boxing Federation (IBF) was founded in 1983 and the World Boxing Organisation (WBO) followed in 1988.

World Boxing Organisation (WBO) - (wiki)


The WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO are recognised as the most prestigious of the sanctioning bodies and it is their titles that most professional boxers aspire to winning. Many champions seek to unify the titles by holding two or more of them at the same time. Champions holding three of the titles simultaneously are considered 'undisputed champions'.

In recent years world sanctioning bodies have continued to proliferate and world titles are recognised by the WBF, WBU and IBO amongst others. Further confusion has also arisen as the result of titles such as: 'International' and 'Inter-Continental' now being offered.


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