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"Welcome to Box for Fitness, a well established "one stop shop" for EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE boxing, kickboxing, mma and personal fitness training.

The Right Way To Train For Boxing & Fitness

Box for fitness are based in Robina on the Gold Coast and is one of the leading gold coast Boxing gyms, MMA & Personal Training centres.Hours are from 6am to 10pm & all programs & sessions run on days & times to suit you (subject to availability.

Box for Fitness DO NOT offer the standard or common services you will normally find elsewhere.With us,you will get your very own personal boxing trainer (robina gold coast) or personal fitness trainer (robina) with exclusive use of a private gym!

We offer affordable,TRUE 1 on 1 OR 2 on1 MMA, Fitness & tuition services including private Boxing training (gold coast robina) & boxing fitness (gold coast robina). These type of services are not usually found anywhere else. Guaranteed !.. Oh ! and you also get private parking ! 

With Box for Fitness from 6am-10.00pm  you will have exclusive access to a purpose built facility Equipped with the latest, Professional Strength Equipment from the USA ,free weights & machines, Bikes and more and also the best in Boxing Facilities! . . . all with no waiting around or queues for equipment use !  . . . everything you could possibly need to reach your goals!


Please note you will be unable to compare prices between us and others due to the unique & exclusive services that only we provide. A private consultation and introductory training session is the best way to make an accurate decision.

If truly affordable,exclusive and unique private training OR private services is NOT what you are looking for, then we would suggest maybe using any "public" OR commercial gym to help you reach your goals.

Because we offer private services, all classes & programs are by appointment only  -NO “WALK- INS”.

We specialise in private training so we DO NOT offer typical "general" group training. Group boxing training is only available for our unique pad-work courses and workshops.  

  • We specialise in Boxing & Unique MMA Training for beginners,intermediate and for the advanced
  • Unlike many others, all of our Boxing Students are taught in an exclusive manner on a TRUE private one on one or two on one training basis with exclusive use of a fully fitted private facility. Students are taught in a progressive manner and also according to their skill level.This ensures a very high level of instruction and coaching in a very safe & controlled training envioromnt.
  • We only offer TRUE 1 on 1 or 2 on1 Private Personal Training,TRUE Private Boxing Coaching and TRUE Private Personal Tuition.
  • TRUE Private Exclusive use of a fully fitted boxing and mma training facility based in Robina on the Gold Coast
  • There are also no gym memberships to pay!       
  • ALL BUDGETS are catered for !  Prices are up to 60% less than anywhere else .
  • We believe that our complete, exclusive and personalised service, along with our comprehensive programs is NOT avalable anywhere else!                                                                                              We are so confident ,that we have a price promise (see our price promise above)
  • CLIENT TESTIMONIALS are available upon request !

You will also find our unbeatable prices are up to 60% less than anywhere else.(see our price promise above) 

You just pay for your session or program on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly scheme to suit your budget.Individuals or groups can train with us to learn the art of boxing and to reach their personal fitness goals.

You automatically become a club member for FREE & recieve discounts & special offers when you reach "phase 3" in any boxing program. This ensures a high level of service,safety,training & also prevents peer pressure.

All your nutritional needs can be catered for as well 

When comparing Box for Fitness with other gyms etc,please be aware that to give you a better service & the attention you deserve we are a fully fitted, private training facility & offer TRUE 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 Personal Training services ,Tuition & boxing coaching services. You also get EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE use of facility,( just you OR your own private group & trainer with no other people around), so all boxing bookings are by appoinment only. 

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Check out the awesome facilities here

In this new age of fitness we are all looking for new things to excite us about working out."Boxing for fitness" is the perfect workout for whatever your goals may be."

Our system of training is very popular & also means you will receive better attention,better value & reach your goals in a timeframe that is a lot faster than what would normally be required.

If TRUE private training, or this type of exclusive service is not what you are looking for, then maybe using a "public" commercial gym will be more suited to help you reach your goals.

what other reasons are there to train with box for fitness ?                                                     

  • NOT CONFIDENT to go to a large commercial gym?
  • Want a PRIVATE & SPECIALIZED boxing or boxing fitness program with or without a nutrition plan specifically written for you that  ACTUALLY  WORKS ?
  • Achieve the RESULTS YOU WANT !
  • EXCLUSIVE ,TRUE PRIVATE 1:1 or 2:1 Personal training or Private Coaching service - (just you OR your own private group & trainer)
  • ALL Times to SUIT YOU ! 
  • ABSOLUTE  AFFORDABLE  RATES and ALL  BUDGETS are catered for !  Prices are up to 60% less than anywhere else 
  • CLIENT TESTIMONIALS are available upon request !

Note: Due to the costs & popularity of the session and program options & also to avoid disappointment, please get in early ! 

Because we offer customised services & pricing to meet specific needs, all pricing and options are different dependent on what you want.

Contact box for fitness NOW for all current special offers & availability .

 Learning and Benefits include:

Wrapping Hands• Stance / Footwork• Defensive Manoeuvres• Rhythm / Coordination• Punch Combinations• How to jump Rope• How to hit Heavy Bags• How to hit Focus Mitts• Reaction & counter punching• Self-defense Techniques• Increased Speed• Increase upper & lower body strength• Better balance footwork & coordination• Substantial increase in cardiovascular endurance & stamina• Relief from stress• Unique total body workout• Increase confidence & self-esteem• All equipment supplied 

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Your place for Ultimate Fitness, Strength and Stamina

Many people unfamiliar with boxing consider the sport to be nothing more than brutality. But if you look past the generalizations created by television and movies, you will understand why A.J. Liebling dubbed it "The Sweet Science". 

Boxing and Kickboxing are holistic; they engage both your body and your mind. They are an alternative to the repetitious workouts you get on treadmills and stationary bikes at traditional healthclubs. 

Box for Fitness workouts & programs have variety yet every workout gets you closer to your fitness goals. 

Box for Fitness, can help you experience the training of a boxer  in order to increase your stamina, lose weight and help you develop your mental awareness and physical agility. Boxing  with me does not mean having to fight or run the risk of "getting beat up". While some of my members may be competitive fighters, many join to experience a unique, effective and safe way of getting in shape and staying in shape.

other boxing training services. . .         

boxing sparring robina

  • Club Boxing                                 

This is for all our students who have completing "phase 3" of our boxing programs and wish to do their own boxing training or follow set sessions. Due to the "phase 3" prerequisite,a high level of training and safety is incurred and this also prevents peer pressure.

This are fully supervised sessions and a coach will always be in the gym available for coaching advice. Use of all equipment is offered.

You automatically become a club member for FREE & recieve discounts & special offers when you reach "phase 3" in any boxing program.

other  1 on 1 or 2 on1  boxing sessions and programs on offer from Box for Fitness :

Youth Boxing

        Boxing & Boxing Fitness" training  for youths aged 12yrs old minimum

  • women’s Only Boxing 

        Boxing & Boxing Fitness" training for all ages

  • men’s Only Boxing 

        Boxing & Boxing Fitness" training for all ages

  •  mixed Boxing

        Boxing & Boxing Fitness" training for all ages

  • Competition Boxing
  • Boxing Circuits & Old School Strength & Conditioning
  • Exclusive Private Tuition available for all services

All our boxing programs incorporate a fully  structured, comprehensive curriculum, utilising a progressive system of training Also included are personalised strength and conditioning programs incorporating custom nutrition plans .

Whatever your reason might be for learning self defense ,Boxing ,Martial Arts,or fitness , Contact Box for Fitness  or call  0404883700   or  +44(07)55788239  for more info or to book your first session.......   Try it, you won't be disappointed


Box For Fitness
““The Right Way To Train For Boxing, MMA & Fitness "
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