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My goal is to provide a fun, friendly, informative , professional training environment.  Paul . Head Coach

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" I have personally boxed throughout my life , (not learnt out of a book ) . . . but the hard way, in the ring! So you can be assured you are receiving the best advice & training available which is up to date & safe for you to enjoy "

For personal boxing training (robina gold coast service) Contact me online or call  0404883700  to book your first session.......   Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Get your very own personal boxing trainer:(Gold Coast Robina Service)

If you want you’re very own private boxing trainer or boxing coach (gold coast robina) then we can help.

Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach 

Paul has over 20 years experience in Boxing ,MMA ,FMA , kickboxing, personal training,program design and providing nutrition plans to atheletes and the general public in the UK and Australia ! 

Amongst numerous other things ,Paul has also taking part in amateur boxing and general boxing fitness activities in the UK given by the A.B.A (Amateur Boxing Association).He has also organised and run programs and classes for children and adults in numerous countries and worked with numerous other organisations including National Sports Centres. 

 . . . . .trained by  professional athletes with real life training expertise

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He also has accreditation within Australia and numerous other Advanced qualifications and certificates including western Boxing, ,MMA ,FMA , kickboxing, personal training, and other Advanced coaching and Instructor Certificates.  

All he's personal trainer certificates & qualifications are also recognized by Fitness Australia.

My experience has given me not only valuable teaching skills but also skills in  leadership, time management and teamwork.  I have build my career as a coach and fitness instructor/personal trainer  on the back of hard work, disciplined further study, a high degree of professionalism, a strong social conscience, and a commitment to excellence in client care ....crucial when I expect only the best from myself.

Because i have a vested interest in your success, i will be just as motivated about your pending body transformation as you are. Together, we will work side by side as a team in a joint effort to ensure you achieve your personal boxing and fitness goals of your dreams,contact me

I am very passionate about training . Each person may have a completely different training regime which could include a combination of weight training, running, boxing, walking, bike riding, swimming or other activities. It all depends on your situation. .  . .read more


I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with others. Now I can also share my lifestyle.

What I appreciate most about personal training and boxing coaching is the fact that it is personal; it gives me time to get to know and understand my   clients  and closely attend and cater for their special needs. Witnessing a client’s progression and achievement is the most rewarding and motivating factor in my career.

Whatever your reason might be for learning self defense ,Boxing ,Martial Arts,or fitness , Contact Paul  or call  0404883700   or  +44(07)55788239  for more info or to book your first session.......   Try it, you won't be disappointed 


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